I simply MUST tell you about Sound:check.

Hello. How are you all doing? I hope that you are well. I am primarily cold but well, thank you!

I thought that I would get in touch about my latest musical venture. It starts off sad and then it gets better before it moves into stratospheric.


In April last year one of my best friends, Marie-Claire (who sings BVs with me) lost her mum Vron very suddenly. I got to know Vron well over the last ten years and she was a beaut. Always so supportive of me and my music. She LOVED music. Especially Roy Orbison. I wondered how the fuck you can make yourself feel better when you lose someone as close to you as your mum, and I came up with the only suitable answer. You can’t really. But you can try doing stuff with your loss that makes you feel like you are doing something you are proud of.

I asked Marie-Claire if she wanted to put on a night of live music with me in the memory of her mum. I already knew which venue I wanted to do it in and how I wanted the night to pan out. Marie-Claire loved the idea and we decided that we wanted all profits from ticket sales to go to ChildHope. A small charity that is very close to the hearts of Marie-Claire’s family.

We asked 3 of our favourite performers to play. ESKA, Hejira and Mara Carlyle. They were all very excited to agree to play as we kind of enforced some rules upon them for their performance. The acoustics at St Johns are incredible. They are actually wonderful. Put a sound out into the church hall and it hangs out there for a good 2 seconds afterwards. It makes everything sound magical. With this in mind we thought “wouldn’t it be lovely if all the musicians played completely un-plugged and gave them the opportunity to use my choir The OneTaste Choir, a small string section and the church organ.” Yes it would be lovely! So that’s what we are doing!

It would make my year if you were free to come down and support. Tickets are £10 and all profits go to charity.

In exchange for the artists time, we thought we would repay them by filming a beautifully shot HD live music video during the sound:check which we will host on our website for you all to have a look as soon as they are done.

So. Below are the deets if you would like to attend.

Hope to see you on the 2nd!

Thank you for reading.

Stac xx

PS.The beautiful Holly Walker who sings lead in the video below is hosting the entire night in all her fabulous glory. Plus I might just do a number from my latest unreleased album too. It’s too much. It’s just all too much!


To Do;

When I think of all the things I want to do, I feel physically sick. There’s so much! Here is a list…

Live show. EP. Album. Album with collaborator No.1. Album with collaborator No.2. Ukulele Vocal group. Produce a 90 minute film. Produce a festival. Produce a charity event. Run my Choir. Produce a TV show with Stephen Fry. Learn French. Dance. Get better at all of the above.

Last night I wrote my ‘What the fuck am I doing?’ list, which I tend to write yearly around the time of my birthday. I normally write it and then see if I can whittle it down. This year the only thing I managed to cross off the list was ‘Learn to play the Violin’. Perhaps the fact that I am 30 now has something to do with my inability to whittle.

I’m 30. Im an adult. I dont feel like one. Adults have responsibilities and I don’t have any of those so I don’t think I am actually an adult. I know lots of 30 year olds that do have responsibilities and I definitely class them as adults, amazings ones at that, but not me. I am not in that demographic.

At the moment my entire ‘What the fuck am I doing?’ list looks completely achievable. I mean, it made me feel sick but it was that kind of ‘oh shit, Ive got a lot of big stuff to do, better get cracking’ sick, not, ‘too late, Im already 30′ sick. And that, in itself is the scary part. Am I lucky that I have the time and am selfish enough to want to achieve all of these things? Or am I just a kid that needs to grow up, go out into the real world and earn some money?

I suppose it boils down to what you feel is important in life. Yes I want to earn money, settle down and have a family, own a house and a dog and put my everything into the happiness of my darling husband and 5 children, but there is no way I am going to be able to do that until I get all of the above done. I’m definitely putting myself first here, i realise this, but having already achieved one of my goals, I know from experience that I am not one of those people who can put their aspirations aside. They are there, established and true, and they need to get done or I simply wont be happy. I don’t think that’s selfish. I think that’s responsible. Perhaps I am an adult after all.

So, I guess what I am saying is, for all those 30 something year olds that feel old, allow me to remind you how old both of this years Wimbledon champions are and encourage you to take this decade by the horns and spank it.

Yours sincerely

First gig of the year!

Hello! Its been a while hasnt it. Ive moved house. Wow it takes a long time. I’m pretty sure its going to take me another month to get everything sorted. Happily though, this house feels like home already and I am very lucky to be living with incredibly wonderful people. Since we moved in we havent had one meal that hasnt taken place outside in our back yard. I say yard because its a huge slab of concrete. The next door neighbors have a lovely tree though which a blackbird likes to frequent while he chats to another blackbird that hangs out in a tree around the corner. Have I just written a song?

Anyway, so that’s my living arrangements sorted. On to music news…

Here we go…

I am playing my first gig of the year! How the hell has time passed so quickly? This feels like a very special gig, not just because its the first in 6 months, but because I am headlining at Sohos Floridita and playing not one but two 45 minute sets. Crazy! The other thing that could potentially be special about this gig is it will be my first go at playing the piano live in front of anyone in the world. DRAMA!!! Im not going to lie, I am slightly nervous but there comes a point in your life when you just have to say to yourself STOP BEING A DIV, so that’s what I am doing. I am taking the ebony and ivory by the horns and I am gonna ride that piano until it chucks me off. Then I will get back on it again until beast becomes beauty. Im hamming it up slightly, the parts arent even hard and Im not playing on every song. In fact, I will be joined by Mr Scrimshire on his guitar and effects, Kevin Singfield on bass, Ben Thomas on Drums and my two first ladies Abi Sugden and Marie-Claire Denyer, as well as the OneTaste Choir. Its going to be an evening packed with delight and maybe a cameo from Les Dawson’s spirit. Who knows!

So here is the link to tickets if you fancy coming down and here is the facebook event page for your perusal. Id love to see as many faces as possible.


Stac xx

My incredibly talented bunch of friends.

Oh dear GOD I have incredibly talented friends. I knew that they were ace, which is why I am friends with them but I didn’t fully appreciate how much they have done for Royce Wood Junior and I.

Thank you Marie-Claire Denyer, Martyn Thomas, Jo-Ann Doherty, Julie Elgar, Lawrence Pearce, Sarah Chandler, Debs Chandler, Nava Kazemi, Martin Jj Gallagher, Kate Mayger and Papa John for all helping to making something I am incredibly proud of.

Here it is! The LIVE performance of WET.

Stac xx

Second Lens EP

How was your festive period? Mine was lovely. I made dinner myself! Definitely my biggest culinary achievement to date. Next year I hope to get the duck right as well as the turkey and beef. Its ok, there were 8 of us.

But this is not why I popped in for a chat. I popped in for a chat because something exciting is happening. Do you remember me telling you about the project I was working on with Royce Wood Junior? Well its coming out! Second Lens is finally coming out on the 30th January on Shades of Grey Records and we are both incredibly excited about it!

Royce Wood Junior and I have spent the last couple of months organising a Royce Wood Junior live session for Mary Anne Hobbs‘ show on XFM. We recorded it a couple of weeks ago and one track a day is going to be broadcast from the 30th January, including one of the tracks from our Second Lens EP, a track featuring the OneTaste Choir, a special guest appearance from someone whose name rhymes with balloon (sort of) and the man RWJ himself singing incredibly beautifully! There’s more stuff to tell you but I will do that nearer the time.

Until then, here is a video for our song Outlines

See you soon!
Stac x


How’s your winter going so far? It doesn’t really feel like winter does it? Not in England anyway. I went to New York a couple of weeks ago for my friends 30th birthday, we were lucky enough to experience 3 out of the 4 seasons while we were out there. It was glorious when we arrived on the monday…

and we woke up to snow on the saturday…

Global Warming ay. It was lovely to walk around Central Park in the snow but the fallen trees were a massive reminder that we are screwing ourselves up. So many trees fell because they still had their leaves. Its pretty sad. It was only October!

So, in order to bum you out further, I have decided to play you a new tune I wrote a couple of months ago. I recorded it at Jamie Woon’s and Royce Wood Junior’s studio. Well, actually, I recorded the harp in my bedroom at my folks house holding the microphone with my knees so Roycey, who produced it, had a lot of work to do. I think he did a smashing job. He also made this video for it. What a dude.

So thats it for now. Until next time!
Stac xx