Turn That Light Out Rmx Vol.2

Uhuh! Its out and its making me very happy. Very happy indeed!

I am so excited to have so many amazing producer lend their remixing skilz to my songs and I think that each and every one of them is amazing. Hint, Blue Daisy, Ashley Beedle, KidKanevil, Alex Patchwork, Yult, Scrimshire, LenAfrosaxon, Los Vampiros Lesbos, King Knut, Pause, Asthmatic Astronaut, Herma Puma, Ambassadeurs and Quirx! Look at that list!

You can get it here, digital only. http://stac.bandcamp.com/album/turn-that-light-out-the-remixes-vol-two and I can honestly say that there are some absolute belters on it! Very excited about it indeed. I’d also like to take this oportunity to say thank you to a) all the producers that worked on it. Im incredibly proud to have your names next to mine and also a little bit giddy. b) You. Thank you for all your support from the bottom of my nearly explosive heart.

Also wanted to give my dear friend a mention. You may have heard of him. Jamie Woon. He’s number 5 in the charts with his album Mirrorwriting and there is a reason for that. Its blinding! I love it and Im not just saying that. One of my greatest friends of all time Royce Wood Junior wrote the strings in Middle and did a lot of production and programming work on the album and I am so proud of them both. I love those boys like brothers and I am so happy they are “doing it!”

Someone else thats doing it is an amazing singer songwriter called Michael Kiwanuka. Check it out. Its beautiful.

Im off to the park!
Enjoy the sun.

Stac x


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